The original retro handset designed for Native Union by David Turpin with Bluetooth® technology. Inspired by the 1950s Bakelite phone, timeless style in collectable fun colours. The POP Bluetooth® allows you to navigate your device while you talk and reduces background noise for clearer conversation. It feels great, sounds great, and looks great. The Bluetooth® technology offers great mobility wherever you may be. Lose the wire and free your phone.

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Check if you need an adapter

You don't need a mobile adaptor for it. It is compatible with Bluetooth® enabled devices.


  • Retro handset compatible with all Bluetooth® enabled devices
  • Eliminates up to 96% of absorbed radiation compared to using a mobile phone
  • Noise reduction technology for improved audio clarity
  • Allows you to navigate your device while talking
  • Perfect for VoIP applications
  • One button pick-up and hang-up functionality


Questions & Answers

  • How do I pair and connect with my device?

    With the handset off, press and hold the button for 5 seconds until the red and blue LED’s flash alternately.

    Activate the Bluetooth® setting on your device – (the device needs to be within a metre of the handset)

    Your device will either automatically search for available Bluetooth® devices or alternatively, manually instruct your device to search for Bluetooth® devices.

    Select “POP Bluetooth®” – if asked enter password 0000

    The blue LED will flash every 4 seconds – you are now connected.

    You only need to pair your device once.

    To pair other devices please repeat the above steps.

  • How many devices can I connect?

    You can pair up to 8 devices.

  • Do I need to charge the POP Bluetooth®?

    Yes. It takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the handset using the micro-USB cable.

  • How long does the POP Bluetooth® stay charged for?

    The POP Bluetooth® has a talk time of up to 8 hours and can last up to 100 hours standby.

  • How far does my device have to be?

    The Bluetooth® wireless signal range is up to 10 metres from your mobile device.

  • What happens when I go out of range?

    If your mobile device goes out of range the purple LED will flash. Once the mobile device is back in range the handset will automatically reconnect to the last connected mobile and the blue LED will flash every 4 seconds.

    If the mobile device does not automatically reconnect, use your mobile devices Bluetooth® menu to reconnect manually.

  • Can I reject a call through my POP BT?

    Yes. Press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

  • Can I increase/lower ring volume from the POP BT?

    Yes. Increase and decrease the volume using the + and – volume control buttons during the call.

  • Can I use voice activated dialing?

    Click the button – you hear the alert beep – state the name of the person you wish to call. Keep in mind that not all devices support this function.

  • How do I reject a call?

    Press and hold the button for 2 seconds.

  • Can I put the POP BT on silent mode?

    Press the + and – volume buttons together to mute. Repeat to un-mute.


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