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The original retro handset, designed for Native Union by David Turpin. Inspired by the classic 1950s Bakelite phone, enjoy timeless style in fun collectable colours. The POP phone allows you to navigate your device while you talk and reduces background noise for a crystal clear conversation.

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  • Retro handset that connects to your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet or computer using a 3.5mm jack
  • Eliminates up to 99% of absorbed radiation compared to using a mobile phone
  • Noise reduction technology for improved audio clarity
  • Allows you to navigate your device while talking
  • Perfect for VoIP applications
  • One button pick-up and hang-up functionality


Questions & Answers

  • I can hear others but others cannot hear me. WHY?

    Some models of mobile phone will need the right adaptor to work completely - e.g. audio input and output at the same time.

    You may simply need an adaptor to get your POP fully functional!

  • Do I need an adaptor?

    The first port of call when seeking information on adaptors is to visit our website which lists all the phones we have tried and tested with our products. This list can be found here - http://www.nativeunion.com/adaptors

    If your phone isn't listed don't despair! Most new phones that have been released lately do not require an adaptor to connect to your handset, and many of the ones that do require the N4 (for some of the 3.5mm audio jacks) to connect correctly.

    Does your phone have a 3.5mm headphone socket on it anywhere? If so, please try plugging the handset directly into your phone, and there's a high chance it will work straight away!

    If your phone does not have a 3.5mm connection, please try and find out which connection your phone is equipped with for connecting to external handsets and we will try and find out which adaptor you need.

    If you are unsure please try to refer to the manual for more details of it.

    Please email in if you have any questions.

  • My phone does not need an adaptor - why do I still encounter problems with the POP?

    We suggest checking the points below - hope they will help!

    1.Remove all cases from the phone, as they often stop the connector fitting in the audio jack correctly.

    2. Make sure you have plugged the POP phone's connector (the pin) all the way into your phone, you will hear a click when it is fully inserted.

    3. Sometimes some dust or dirt might be stuck inside your phones headphone socket, which interferes with the connection. Please ensure that this part is clean.

    4. If possible, can you please try to use the POP handset with another mobile phone (ideally an iPhone) and see if this works at all. (so that we can figure out quickly whether this is an adaptor issue or not)


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