2-in-1 Charging Cable and Battery Booster



JUMP CABLE doubles-up as a charging cable and portable battery booster. An innovative combination that ensures you’ll always have reserve power when you’re on the go.

Lifetime Limited Warranty


What is the Lifetime Limited Warranty?

All of our Ultra Strength charging cables are covered by a Lifetime Limited Warranty so you can rest assured that your cable will stand the test of time and normal use. Click here for detailed terms and conditions.

Is JUMP Cable MFi certified?

Yes! In fact, our entire range of Apple Lightning charging cables is MFi certified.

What’s the difference between JUMP Cable and JUMP Cable Special Edition?

JUMP Cable Special Edition comes with a genuine leather pouch. It also features a special edition black nylon cable for a sleek and timeless finish.

What’s the cable length for JUMP Cable?

When fully unraveled, JUMP Cable is close to 19 inches long (48 cm).

How do I use the JUMP Cable as a traditional charging cable?

Connect the JUMP Cable to both your mobile device and a USB power source (computer, wall adapter, external battery, etc.) Your device will start charging automatically.

How do I use the JUMP Cable as an external battery?

With your JUMP Cable fully charged, connect the Micro-USB or Lightning connector to your mobile device. Press the “trigger” button on the Lightning/Micro-USB side of the casing, and your device will start charging.

How much reserve battery power will the JUMP Cable give my phone?

The JUMP Cable provides an estimated 30–33% charge to iPhone 5. For the iPhone 5s, which has a larger battery, this number is closer to 24–27%, and for the iPhone 6 the charge would be estimated around 15–18%, considering the size of its battery. (These % are calculated based on the phone being tested in idle mode). It is important to note that every phone is different when it comes to charging percentages, even phones of the same model. The size of your phone’s battery and it's circuitry, coupled with how you use your phone, affects the percent charge your JUMP Cable will discharge. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, Screen Brightness, even Software Versions are all a factor, especially during charging.

Does JUMP Cable support data transfer?

Yes! In fact, all of our charging cables support data transfer.

How is JUMP Cable different than a traditional external battery?

JUMP Cable is very different to traditional power banks. It’s more of a replacement for your charging cable than a replacement for power banks. External batteries required you to charge them as an extra device, and also require an extra charging cable for the battery itself. It becomes a burden to use because you must remember to charge it, and must lug two tangled cables around (one for your device, one for your power bank). JUMP Cable looks to simplify this problem in the most subtle way — one that fits your lifestyle rather than impedes it. JUMP does all the charging for you, automatically. It also gives you the most efficient boost it can in its small form-factor. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind knowing there’s always power in your pocket.

Can I use JUMP Cable with my wall power supply or car charger?

Definitely! You can use it just like any other charge/sync cable. As an added benefit, JUMP cable has a nice cable management system, and will save some power left over for when you need it most.

Can I charge JUMP Cable’s batteries without having my phone connected?

Yes! JUMP Cable’s AutoCharge (TM) technology detects when there is no device connected, and will direct power directly to JUMP Cable’s internal batteries instead.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We’re proud to say that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy great products without hurting the planet.

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