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DOCK Marble Collection

  • DOCK Marble Collection - Black Marble
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  • DOCK Marble Collection - Black Marble

DOCK Marble Collection

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Product Description

DOCK Marble Collection - Marble charging docks for your Apple devices

DOCK Marble Collection

Marble charging docks for your Apple devices

Charge your Apple devices together in style

Group our minimal DOCK+ Lightning Marble Edition and DOCK for Apple Watch Marble Edition together to create a larger system for charging all of your Apple devices in one place. Now they’re all within an arms reach, even when recharging.

Customer Reviews

Includes a 4-foot MFi certified Lightning Cable and works with your Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable DOCK Marble Collection Features Each DOCK+ comes with a braided, reinforced Lightning cable, thoughtfully designed to perfectly complement the tones of the marble and aluminum finish. The finest genuine marble is paired with brushed aluminum for a sleek finish that will stand the test of time. The DOCKs' minimal design make a stylish addition to any space. We designed DOCK to be compatible with all Apple Watch models, sizes and strap styles. DOCK magnetically holds your watch in place, so you don't need to worry if it's buckled or unbuckled. Since you’ll mostly charge your devices at night, place the dock system on your nightstand so you can conveniently access both your watch and phone at once. Connect your Apple Watch to DOCK in its horizontal orientation, and your device will automatically go into Nightstand Mode for the perfect bedside alarm clock. DOCK+ is designed to accommodate your iPhone or iPad whether you're using it naked, with a standard case, or an extra large case. Choose from the three separate adaptors included in the box to ensure you get the perfect fit every time.The best charger for your DOCKs - Safely charge your iPhone and Apple Watch with SMART Charger, a slimline 2 USB-A port wall charger with SMART IC Technology and foldable pins for charging on-the-go.

"Rarely have necessary tech accessories been such a visual treat."



Which Apple Lightning devices are compatible with DOCK+ Lightning?

DOCK+ Lightning is compatible with iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini (all generations), iPod Touch (5th generation or higher), iPod Nano (7th generation or higher), Apple Magic Keyboard, Apple Magic Trackpad 2, Apple Magic Mouse 2 (if you remove the DOCK’s back-plate), Apple TV Remove with Touch (for 4th generation Apple TV), and the Apple Smart Battery Case. If you’re unsure as to what iPad model you have, check out Apple’s iPad Model Guide.

Is DOCK+ Lightning compatible with all Lightning Cables?

DOCK+ Lightning is only compatible with the included color-matched MFi certified Lightning cable. It is not compatible with Apple's Lightning cable.

Will my iPhone or iPad fit with a case?

As long as your case isn’t thicker than 3.5mm (total thickness, as well as thickness on the bottom bumper), your iPhone or iPad will fit perfectly.

Are the Apple Watch & magnetic charging cable included?

No, we only manufacture and sell the charging dock. You must use your own Apple Watch and magnetic charging cable (included with your Apple Watch) with DOCK for Apple Watch.

Is DOCK for Apple Watch compatible with my existing Apple Watch magnetic charging cable?

Yes. You can feed your Apple Watch magnetic charging cable into DOCK where it is locked in place, so there’s no need to purchase another charging cable. DOCK is compatible with both the 1m and 2m Apple Watch magnetic charging cables.

Do I need to buckle the Apple Watch around the aluminum arm to start the charging process?

No. What’s great is once the Apple Watch magnetic charging cable is inserted into DOCK, you can simply place the back of your watch onto it, and it will be magnetically secured, even when it’s unbuckled.

Will the DOCKs easily topple over?

No. We designed DOCK with a weighted base to provide a sturdy platform to charge and navigate your devices.

Do I need to specify which Apple Watch size, model, or strap I have?

No. For convenience, we designed DOCK to be compatible with all Apple Watch models, sizes, and strap styles.

How does the DOCK for Apple Watch reversible design work?

By simply turning the base over, you can position the rotating arm on either side. This is especially helpful if you want to move your watch from one side of the bed or desk to the other, or if you’re left handed or right handed. This way you’ll always have easy access to the watch face and visibility when it’s charging.

What is the purpose of the horizontal position of DOCK for Apple Watch?

As you’ll mostly charge your watch at night, we designed DOCK so that it could charge your Apple Watch horizontally as well as vertically. The horizontal position is especially useful with Nightstand mode, turning your Apple Watch into a bedside alarm clock.

Is the packaging recyclable?

We’re proud to say that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy our great products without hurting the planet.

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