Conscious Shopping, Simplified

Conscious Shopping, Simplified

Is it just us who can find ourselves gifting for the sake of it? Gifting things that are fun to unwrap and admire, but things they won’t necessarily use. To fight the waste that comes from gift-giving, we wanted to give you (and ourselves, too) ways to give better and more responsibly, with pieces they’ll really use and love. 

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It’s easy to get swept up in all the Holiday joy. There’s something almost magical about the twinkling lights, merry celebrations, and endless festive traditions that come ringing as the Holidays begin.

We’re all for the glitz and glam of the season of giving, but is it just us who can find ourselves gifting for the sake of it? Gifting things that are fun to unwrap and admire, but things they won’t necessarily use. 

To fight the waste that comes from gift-giving, we wanted to give you (and ourselves, too) ways to give better and more responsibly, with pieces they’ll really use and love. We’re sharing our top tips for how to shop consciously and our Holiday Gift Guide of presents that fit the bill.


In an age dominated by fast fashion and impulse buying, conscious shopping hopes to unlearn our habits of overconsumption, to be more mindful of our environmental impact as consumers. More than just shopping sustainably, conscious shopping also focuses on quality and utility, and first and foremost asks the question – do you really need this?

The underlying philosophy of conscious shopping is something we’ve taken to heart. We know it’s not enough to place the responsibility on consumers, so we as a brand have made an active effort to be more conscious in our product assortment.

Rather than offer anything and everything, we’ve cut down on our assortment to only offer the truly essential pieces. For starters, we’re focusing more on Type-C compatible solutions as the world moves towards universal charging, and prioritizing quality over quantity with staple design pieces for your cases and carry. It’s a decision we know will reduce excessive buying, and that’s the point.


A good place to start is by choosing products that use plant-based and recycled materials. There’re ways of difference between the impact of virgin and eco-conscious materials, and with all the developments in sustainable innovation, the stigma that recycled means thin and brittle is a thing of the past. When done well, the difference to you is negligible, but to the Earth? Every little thing matters.

The Work From Anywhere Range

Our most sustainable collection to date, we substituted virgin materials wherever possible, down to the tiniest and most unseen detail ­– even the W.F.A MacBook Sleeve’s interior padded foam and the W.F.A iPad Folio’s leather button are recycled. A range of soft goods for anyone constantly on-the-go, anything from the W.F.A range is a great gifting choice for more organization, protection, and style wherever their day takes them.

(Re)Classic Cases & Accessories

(Re)Classic Case is a 100% recycled frame fully wrapped in Yatay™, a plant-based material by Coronet. Made of wheat and corn, it has the same premium feel and hardwearing properties as leather but manufactured with reduced carbon and water consumption.

Five times more durable than petroleum-based alternatives, (Re)Classic Case is a balance of style and protection for anyone who wants an elevated feel for their everyday tech. And for an even more personal touch, add on a Sling or Wallet (also made of plant-based and recycled materials!) to gift wearable tech, streamlined carry, and the most convenient iPhone experience ever.


It’s tempting to look to cheap products especially when scrambling for last minute gifts, but it’s a short-sighted choice. How long will it really last them? Being mindful of the lifespan of a product, you begin to realize that while quality products may initially be more costly, they’ll save you the money and the environmental waste of endless cheap replacements.

Charging Cables

Anyone living with tech can relate to the many times they’ve dealt with breaking and throwing away cables, so it only makes sense to find one that’ll actually last. Gifting cables may not have the same pizzazz as more glamorous options, but we’ve got the fix – with cables designed with clever details and refined style, you’ll gift them a gift that keeps on giving, powering their most-used essentials for days, months, years to come. As a bonus, our cables are now made with eco-friendly materials!


As much fun as it is to gift novelty items, they’ll most likely end up in a corner gathering dust, or worse – in the waste. Besides, there’s something satisfying about seeing your present in action on a day-to-day, that’s when you know you aced gift-giving. So think about them, their lifestyle, and only gift things they’ll really use.

Fold Laptop Stand

For the ones who are never in one place for long, who work from anywhere and everywhere, or just for anyone you know who spends hours on their device, gift them comfort in compact form. Fold Laptop Stand is the go-to work-from-anywhere essential. Reducing neck and shoulder strain when in use, and cleverly folding to be extremely easy to carry wherever they go, it’s an indisputable benefit to gift, all in a lightweight aluminum build.

Desk Cable

Or for the modern workers who prefer their home office, opt for a unique solution that’s bound to impress. With a weighted anchor that keeps their power right where they left it, Desk Cable is our foolproof answer to fallen cables. Between finding creative ways to keep cables in place to crawling under desks to weave the cable through, gift them a way to never do any of it again. Plus, with extra length for more flexibility and LED indicators to know when they’re charging, they’re receiving an array of clever details that’ll improve their daily rhythm.


In the end, the most eco-friendly solution is the one you already have. The second one is the one that solves it all. We’re all guilty of it – owning multiple versions of the same thing that solve our problems ever so slightly differently, or a varied shade or a style to suit another time of day. We live in a world of seasonality and overabundance without so much as a second thought about how much we’re consuming. But we say it all the time, buy less, but better.

Snap 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger

If they love a clutter-free, clean space, help them say goodbye to messy cables. Snap 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charger delivers all-in-one power in timeless all-year design for the most organized home charging setup they’ve ever had. A MagSafe stand for easy access to their iPhone while powering up, an AirPods charging tray, and a detachable Apple Watch Puck that they can replace with a USB-C cable to charge other devices, what more do they need to power up their entire tech arsenal?

Belt Cable Duo

One of the latest, and possibly one of the best, drops of the year, Belt Cable Duo is the first-ever dual Type-C cable. Enchant them with the impossible cable made possible, the quintessential easy-carry solution to charge all their devices when on-the-go. A 2-in-1 Lightning and Type-C connector head and Power Delivery up to 60W, it’ll charge all their favorite Apple devices as well as their laptop. Make their carry lighter with just one cable, and the best one there is.  

To live and grow sustainably takes a group effort. But while one person can’t make the huge change the Earth needs, we can all learn to take a bit more responsibility for our own environmental footprint. Small changes, mindful actions, intentional purchases, and spreading that sentiment with gifts that are good for both them and the planet.  

Happy Holidays from the Native Union team! 

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