Designing for Anywhere & Everywhere

Designing for Anywhere & Everywhere

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We’ve always embraced the power of tech to shift the way we work for the better. It’s in our roots. The launch of the first iPhone is what inspired our CEO & Co-Founder, Igor, to start Native Union. He just knew that it’d transform the way we live.

Born out of the positive potential of tech, we design with this vision at the forefront, creating essentials that enhance our interactions even further. Over a decade later and that potential is becoming a reality. Working from anywhere is finally here.

There’s a newfound flexibility that’s been ushered in by this new age of working with our devices. The flexibility to choose where we work based on where we feel inspired and most productive, whether that’s at home, a café, outdoors, or simply at the office. For Fab, our Creative & Brand Director, our studio in Paris is his ideal work location. “Personally, I love working in the office and being surrounded by all the samples, tiles, and mood boards. But just the possibility of working remotely for a few days to extend weekends with my family makes a huge difference. And that’s what working from anywhere is all about – that sense of choice.”

It’s been a while since we’ve refreshed our soft goods, and with our beloved Stow collection being something of a fan favorite, we knew we had big shoes to fill. But we think this Work from Anywhere range does the job.

W.F.A is inspired by the modern world. “Even in the short couple of years between launching Stow and now, how we work has transformed significantly,” says Igor. “We wanted to design a range that reflects this flexibility’s new centrality to our lives. A range that empowers us to work anywhere and everywhere.”

This range was an exciting one for us, because it celebrates and creates for something that we as a brand have held close to home from the start. But this range is also testament to our commitment to living sustainably and growing responsibly. More than updating the design for a more modern finish, we also experimented with material composition for the best sustainable option that’s just as long-lasting.

W.F.A is designed for the modern worker, with modern and long-term considerations in mind.


For every new design, we start with a mood board of patterns and images which come together to form our overall direction.

For W.F.A, our mood board came quite naturally. Having set up shop in the second district of rue Montmartre for over a year now, our Paris Atelier sits at the intersection of high fashion and startup tech culture. “This fusion definitely influenced the look and feel of the range. A mix of old-school sophistication with the hustle and bustle of the modern worker,” notes Fab.


For this year’s seasonal color, we wanted something colorful but still neutral, fun but still elevated, bright but still muted. In other words, we wanted something that felt inherently Native Union. An intentional balance of a medley of considerations for a design choice that feels just right. So, meet Kraft, bringing  a grounded yet recharged touch to your tech. Plus, it's a warmer color choice just in time for fall. 


Creating for this modern era of working, we infused classic accents to refine life with our devices. While delicate leather details frequent our soft goods, we also introduced a more prominent leather patch motif to our W.F.A range. Reminiscent of a postcard or name tag, it’s a bold addition to the minimalist aesthetic that unifies the collection.

Our use of leather has always been a key part of our design philosophy, a stamp of quality and long-lasting design. This time, the embossed zipper, exterior tag, and W.F.A patch are made of bonded leather to also embody our dedication to sustainability. A blend of scraps pressed together and reprocessed to give leftover leather a second life, we went through several rounds of testing to guarantee that this more sustainable option still maintains the same timeless character.


W.F.A represents our most sustainable range yet (the W.F.A Sleeve is made of nearly 90% recycled materials!). There’re still ways to go but we’re celebrating this win, because getting here wasn’t easy.

As a brand that stands for utmost quality in our craftsmanship, there was a lot to consider. Even substituting unseen components like the interior padded foam was a challenge – initial compositions were too grainy, which you could feel even when covered with the canvas layer. From safeguarding the unique textured touch of the exterior to maintaining the quality of less obvious parts like the foam, we had to ensure everything was up to our standard.  


Extending our iPad offerings, W.F.A launches our first iPad Folio. But with several carry options on the market, including our own Stow Slim for iPad, we wanted this take to be something different. We started by considering our own pain points in our iPad experience… the biggest one? The Apple pencil. Though magnetic, we’ve all too many times encountered the pen detaching when it hits something on the way out of our bags. Even just the possibility of losing such an essential caused us worry.

We found the solution in the age-old manila envelope design. In our characteristic balance of form and function, we incorporated a button-and-string closure to address this everyday frustration, providing an extra layer of security while adding a more tactile feel and a classic touch to our modern-day device.

Above all, we’re driven by a functional approach to design, stripping solutions down to its core so that it’s simple to use and enhances your experiences. With small details like our Tech Organizer’s flexible pockets, our Sleeve’s secure, form-fitting build, and our iPad Folio’s ergonomic folds, W.F.A encapsulates our passion for effortlessly functional yet simply beautiful design.

And it doesn’t end here. To unlock a full work-from-anywhere experience, we realized that something more was needed. We’ve got a couple of additions to the W.F.A range lined up for fall, including our first venture into a new category that’ll be a huge jump in on-the-go ease. Stay tuned!

For now, discover the joys of working from anywhere with W.F.A. Designed for your anywhere and everywhere ease and innovation.

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