Designing the Stow Collection

Designing the Stow Collection

We’ve been asked for some time now why there aren’t any soft goods in our line. The answer was always a bit simple: there’ve been more than just a few options out there that seemed to work well enough for users, us included.

But things shifted when we noticed our own list of everyday carry essentials expanding beyond a few items we could mindlessly throw in and not expect to create a frustrating mess in our bags. When we looked at our existing organizers, more frustration ensued. A combination of good design and function was unreasonably hard to find.

With an uptick in travel and remote work, we knew we couldn’t be the only ones confronting this void. Multiple cables for phones and laptops, AirPods, Apple Watch straps, travel SIM cards…staying organized was becoming an increasing hassle.

That’s when we realized we could bring something truly needed to the table.

Early sketches by Kevin Leung

Our decision to create the Stow Collection wasn’t exactly a small one. As a brand founded on the passion for considered but still superiorly functional design, none of us wanted to produce just another sleeve or organizer. We needed our solution to embody our commitment to creating balanced products.

That’s why our inspiration for this collection came from somewhere a little different – leather goods.

Much like the search for a new bag, our design process was an endless cycle of sketches, prototypes, testing, and tweaks. Soft goods being a new venture for us, we didn’t have a clear idea of what exactly we were looking for.

Initial concepts ranged from everything from intricate leather strap systems, compact wallets, envelope-style bags, folders and seemed to change every day. After more than a year of experimentation with different materials and shapes, things finally felt right.

Stow Deconstructed

We landed on a solution that simplifies lives amidst the chaos of too much technology. A balance of design and performance combining the finest materials with thoughtful details, never compromising either.

Slash Stow Pocket

The design that inspired the name. We added an exterior stow pocket in each model, so there’d be nothing standing in the way between you and your essentials. A simple, almost obvious, feature, but one we included to make everyday a little smoother. Embedded within the most prominent feature of the Stow Collection is our trademark slash; a conscious design decision to infuse more of our brand in our introduction to a fresh new category.

Genuine Leather Accents

Every piece in the Stow Collection features delicate leather details – an embossed zipper, exterior tag, and interior card holder – to elevate the minimal design. Our use of genuine leather to handcraft every single accent is a small part of our dedication to quality. Not only does it last longer, it also lends to a more tactile feel when you’re interacting with the product daily. Blue Angel certified, these leather accents are consciously sourced from a tannery committed to high standards of environmentally friendly production.

Details, details, details

Considered details are at the center of our design philosophy. Each one carefully deliberated over and tested to land on a result we know will make for easier and longer use. We stuffed the Stow Collection with these thoughtful touches: weather-proof zippers, a cross-stitched quilted interior, and coated canvas finish are the final touches to these basic everyday items.

Our design process started when a search for the ideal solution to what seemed like a simple problem to solve ended in vain. A year and many, many trials later, we think we’ve finally found it. We hope you feel the same.


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