We’re on a journey towards becoming a better, more responsible brand. We still have a ways to go, but we’re excited to introduce our latest sustainability initiative: responsible packaging for some of our signature products.

When you purchase a product with our new responsible packaging option, you’re not only helping us minimize packaging, but also contributing to lighter and leaner logistics.

All products will be shipped in our new reusable and recyclable pouch, made partially from recycled plastic bottles and other post-consumer materials. Use it to store small items or keep loose change organized on-the-go, then recycle to give it another life.

It’s the exact same product you love, just carried a little better for the Earth.

If you've been in touch with our Customer Service team and need a replacement for products available in responsible packaging, we'll be sending it your way in our reusable pouch. We hope we're making things right and that you'll be happy with your new product!