A Trip Down Memory Lane

A Trip Down Memory Lane

There’s a special place in our design minds and hearts for Apple. In fact, the launch of the first iPhone is what inspired our CEO and Co-founder, Igor, to even start Native Union. Many of our creations since that day more than ten years ago have revolved around how we can enhance your everyday with those products.

But why Apple? To us, it’s how they’ve utilized beautiful design to revolutionize so many aspects of our modern lives with tech. The Macintosh made the personal computer a true reality. The iPhone transformed the way we communicate and consume information.

And the iPod…remember that? More lasting than its colossal commercial success was the way it completely changed the way an entire generation listened to music. It brought back the centrality of music to our everyday, making it so easy to go about our lives with a personal soundtrack and by effect, giving us the energy and good vibes that only music can deliver. Compared to any other Apple product, the iPod was one that focused on delivering more joy to everyone’s lives.

To Fab, our Creative & Brand Director, the iPod was “a game changer”. Even one of the reasons why he decided to become an industrial engineer. Steve Jobs himself has said it’s a product that really encapsulates Apple’s reason for being: “this is what we do”.

Today, October 23, 2021, marks the 20th anniversary of that influential product – and we’re taking you on a trip down memory lane with us to celebrate.

Our latest product is a tribute to one of the creations that’ve inspired our teams and the 10th anniversary of the visionary Steve Jobs’ passing. But more so, it’s just a fun way for us to share and connect with our community around a collective memory from simpler days. A whimsical play on why we do what we do. Meet the AirPods Beanies.

Apple’s original iPod Socks were iconic for a reason. Introduced as a “revolutionary new product” for the iPod, it was the first time the world saw Apple taking such a fun angle on its own product. Bright, colorful, and instantly recognizable, the iPod Socks became a fan favorite and over the years, inspired DIYs all over. It was a more enjoyable, ‘cute’ way to style your essential device.

It’s now 2021: the age of streaming. You no longer need “a thousand songs in your pocket” when there are millions just a tap away in the cloud. The AirPods are Apple’s solution to that shift, and they’ve become an essential for how this generation consumes music.

Our Beanies have a universal AirPods fit, come in four pastel colors, and are created in 100% recycled materials to bring the iconic accessory forward to 2021. Whether you remember the original iPod and want to reminisce, or are hearing of the iPod Socks for the first time, we created the AirPods Beanies to bring a smile to your everyday with your tech.

So, sit back, chill, and enjoy some tunes!

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