FLYDESK Founder JB Pimenta de Miranda on the Future of Work

After moving around 6 different cities in 3 continents on a quest for global experience, Jean-Baptiste Pimenta de Miranda (JB for short) discovered first-hand all the benefits of a remote working lifestyle. Driven by its potential to translate into more creativity and productivity, JB set off to create FLYDESK, an all-in-one flexible working platform.

Here, he shares the inspiration behind FLYDESK, his ambitions for remote work, and how he wants to make his mark.

Modern Workers' Journal - Jean-Baptiste Pimenta de Miranda

Tell us a bit about your career and what you do

The common thread throughout most of my career so far has been the tech industry and international business exposure. While I’m grateful for the comfort and education that larger corporations like Apple and Capgemini offered, I’ve always felt more alive in a smaller, more agile organization.

I also decided to choose my location based on the places I want to experience rather than a job. That’s what lead me to Beijing, Shanghai, London, San Francisco, Paris, and now Hong Kong for the past 6 years.

I was never afraid to say goodbye to the comfort of a stable job and move countries or even continents to satisfy my thirst for international experience. As a result, my recent years allowed me to really discover the benefits of flexible and remote work, both as a team member and a manager.

So, I decided to make flexible working and helping others experience the benefits of this way of life my priority.

Modern Workers' Journal - Flexible Working Environments

What motivated you to start FLYDESK?

This adventure started a year before the beginning of COVID-19, so the virus itself isn’t what motivated me to start FLYDESK. But it’s definitely reinforced my beliefs and vision.

3 years ago, I realized that being successful at work is compatible with the opportunity to work from anywhere with technology, guidance, and trust. The traditional work model is no longer adapted to the desires of younger generations. That doesn’t mean ‘100% work-from-home’ – I believe in having the flexibility to choose where to work, based on what kind of environment is more helpful for your everyday success.

Technology has already equipped us with all the tools for effective remote work, so we really have no excuse not to adopt this more widely except the issue of trust. So, in 2019, I created FLYDESK.

“So, I decided to make flexible working and helping others experience the benefits of this way of life my priority.”

Modern Workers' Journal - Jean-Baptiste Pimenta de Miranda

What’s something that would surprise people about your work?

I’m not sure if this would be a big surprise, but FLYDESK doesn’t have an office. Everyone on our team sets their own hours, and we just check-in and out every day to facilitate communication (this is feature we’re working to bring onto our platform).

I guess another surprise would be that we develop most of our product features based on our internal needs; we are our first customers.

How do you stay inspired?

Hearing from our clients that we’re helping them in their day-to-day lives, that’s good enough for me to stay inspired. It’s still early days for us, so this gives us the adrenaline push we need to keep going.

Also, with the current context of the coronavirus, it’s hard not to feel inspired about the rise of remote working. Companies everywhere are starting to adopt this shift.

Modern Workers' Journal - JB's Everyday Carry

What are some of your everyday essentials?

Working From Home: Dell XPS 15, Acer 27” screen as second monitor, MS Surface Pro as third touch monitor with MS Surface Pen, Jabra speaker 710, MS Sculpt ergonomic keyboard & mouse

Working From Anywhere: Dell XPS 15, MS Surface Mouse, QWSTION bag pack, Jabra Evolve 65, Native Union’s Stow Organizer and Belt Universal Cable, Momax PD Charger 48w, Xpower 20,000mAh 60w power bank, hand sanitizer

“Work is not a place anymore, it’s everywhere.”

What’s something you had to learn the hard way?

1 - Don’t wait too long before testing a feature. Don’t build the perfect software, or else you’ll run out of money before getting users.

2 - Make sure your family is prepared for your long days and nights.

Modern Workers' Journal - Jean-Baptiste Pimenta de Miranda

Can you share the best advice you’ve received?

“So, you’re taking 1 year off to start and test your business from scratch. Stop right there, it’s not going to work. Take 3 to 4 years if you want a chance to succeed…and be ready not to pay yourself for a very long time. Lastly, prepare your wife.” - Hacene Taibi

What does the modern lifestyle mean for you?

Flexible; work from anywhere; connected; green; conscious.

Your nearby friend is your new colleague. Work is not a place anymore, it’s everywhere.

Modern Workers' Journal - Jean-Baptiste Pimenta de Miranda

How do you want to make your mark?

First and foremost, I want to turn FLYDESK into a sustainable business and a work-life model many businesses decide to embrace.

As more businesses transition from traditional to flexible work models, I hope that more of their job opportunities become accessible to those in developing countries that lack physical mobility so we can reshuffle the wealth cards even just a little.

With remote work, everyone has a chance to be successful.

All photos taken at Banyan Workspace.

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