Introducing Native Union x FlyDesk

Introducing Native Union x FlyDesk

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Native Union x FLYDESK

The modern lifestyle is here, now. Boundaries are blurring, priorities are shifting.

At Native Union, we’ve always designed our products to empower this lifestyle. In an exciting partnership with FLYDESK, we’re taking this one step further.

Connecting our tools with their all-in-one remote and flexible working platform, we’re empowering the modern professional more than ever before.


  • Making remote professionals more productive from anywhere
  • Providing beautifully designed workspaces & productivity-enhancing tools
  • Connecting the community of remote professionals

Native Union x FLYDESK


At Native Union and FLYDESK, we’re firm believers that advancements in tech, coupled with a new generation of professionals craving more say in their lives, will completely shift our needs in work, life, and tools as we know it.

It’s an inevitable movement towards more freedom, more flexibility, and more control over how we choose to live our day-to-day lives.

Native Union x FLYDESK


FLYDESK's CLUB membership is free forever - so join the community now and unlock:

Exclusively for users in Hong Kong who place an order at, FLYDESK is offering 10% off your first booking. Details will be included in your order confirmation email automatically.

"Work is not a place anymore, it's everywhere."
—Jean-Baptiste Pimenta de Miranda, Founder of FLYDESK

"With Native Union acting as a body and FLYDESK as the brain, I see the true modern working lifestyle taking form."
—Igor Duc, Co-Founder & CEO of Native Union