Your NATIVE UNION product is hand-crafted using only the highest quality genuine and sustainable leather.

As versatile and refined as genuine leather is, it won’t stay the same forever. Unlike the more casual plastic, leather ages naturally to develop a uniquely personalized patina that reflects your day-to-day – an effortless expression of character, customized to you.

All it takes is a little extra care.


Scratches and stains are part of normal wear and tear. To refresh your CLIC Marquetry, simply rub gently with mild hand soap and a damp cloth, then let dry naturally.

For a deeper clean, treat with a leather cleaner – just like you would for your favorite leather shoes. Ensure that the case is fully dry before putting it back on your phone.


Natural leather is sensitive, like your skin. Keep these few tips in mind to help your new case age gracefully.


Try to keep out of direct sunlight and high temperatures, as leather may tan or fade following prolonged exposure.


It goes without saying that your phone (and its case) should be kept dry. If you happen to spill some water, dab immediately with a soft cloth. If soaked, let the leather dry naturally in a cool room; never in the sun or with a direct heat source.


Avoid rubbing against other materials, especially denim, to prevent any unwanted color.


Careful rubbing with mild soap and a slightly moist cloth will usually sort out any stains. Not quite enough? A specialized leather cleaner from any leather goods store will do the trick for more stubborn marks.


For more information and troubleshooting tips, please visit our Help Desk.