The premium accessory organizer with quick-access pocket



Thoughtfully designed with considered details, STOW Organizer protects and sorts your tech without compromising style. Made with the same techniques used to craft leather goods, it embodies our commitment to quality. Multiple loops, pockets, and a quick-access pocket for essentials keep you organized. A quilted interior and coated canvas finish add extra protection from the elements.


How do I clean my STOW Organizer?

We know it’s important to stay clean, so STOW Organizer has a dirt-resistant coating. If needed, simply use some water and a soft cloth to clean.

Will it fit my MacBook Pro 15" (USB-C) Power Brick?

Yes, the MacBook Pro 15" (USB-C) Power Brick will fit in both the stretchable pocket or elastic loop.

Is it waterproof?

STOW Organizer is meant to be an added layer of protection from the elements. While not waterproof, it’s water resistant thanks to the coated canvas and waterproof zipper.

Does the quick-access pocket close?

No, we included this considered design element to make it easier to store and give you quick access to daily essentials.

Are the leather accents made of genuine leather?

Yes, we stand by our commitment to make premium products that stand the test of time. Genuine leather not only lasts longer than alternatives, but also adds a tactile feel to everyday interactions with the product.

What are its dimensions?

W x D x H = 7.8" x 2.1" x 4.75"

Is the packaging recyclable?

Yes. We’re proud to say that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy great products without hurting the planet.

Is it covered by warranty?

Of course – STOW Organizer is covered by our one year warranty. Need more coverage? Register yours online to extend to two years.

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