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who is native union?

NATIVE UNION was born out of a shared passion for good design and well-made products. Disenchanted by the nondescript, mass produced plastic that filled the mobile accessories market, John Brunner and Igor Duc set out to offer a stylish alternative for the modern individual. By combining the finest materials, functional design, and considered details, NATIVE UNION creates products with personality, that enhance the way you live with your tech.

What sets us apart?

At its core, NATIVE UNION strives for exceptional detail and unparalleled quality in products and materials. From the CLIC WOODEN iPhone case made from sustainably harvested American timber to the one-of-a-kind DOCK MARBLE COLLECTION crafted from the finest natural marble - NATIVE UNION sets the standard for pushing the boundaries of creativity in the pursuit of product excellence.

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Committed to Quality

NATIVE UNION’s commitment to quality extends beyond the materials and processes used in the development and manufacturing of our products. We stand behind the enduring quality of our products. We provide a Lifetime Limited Warranty for all of our Ultra Strength charging cables. Our cables will stand the test of time and normal use. All of our other products are covered by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.


“Tech accessory maker NATIVE UNION is no stranger to decluttering, simplifying, and beautifying the everyday lives of people drowning under the weight of all the devices requiring a charge or transfer.”
“Your smartphone looks good. So why do all its peripherals look so... blah? Thankfully, this company is here to make all those plastic wires and chargers more appealing.”
“From the category of "what took so long" comes the NIGHT CABLE — a 10-foot-long cord that just might end cable frustration forever.”
“Excellent products, excellent service - Their charging cables work the best of any I've ever purchased. They are durable and easy to wrap up. They have an excellent warranty program and when calling customer service I've had nothing but a pleasant experience. Keep up the good work!”
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